Monday, August 12, 2013

August Already?

July is always a miserably long month.  And I was glad to see it end.  August isn't exactly shaping up any better though.  Last week was a doozy.  The AC went out for the 3rd time in less than a month, and I ended up buying 4 new tires for the van, plus some other routine maintenance work.  It's driving a lot better, but it was a big bite in the ass.  But I have two market bags finished and up on Etsy now.  I think they turned out really well.  Now to see if anyone will buy them.  I need to start on some hats or button scarves for this fall.

This week we are looking forward to another trip to the beach to see J.  And next week, next week is R's 5th birthday.  Wow.  5 years.  We're going to have birthday with daddy on our trip.  J's actually been shopping.  The following weekend we're going to have cake and a play date with his friends.  We are officially past the half way mark with J's training course.  In October we can really start counting down the days.

We're starting Kindergarten level work with R this fall.  We don't have to submit a 'declaration of intent' until he's 6 though.  So next year.  He's working on addition and sight words, plus anything else that strikes our fancy right now.  Insects, planets, the solar system.  Money is on the agenda too.  His handwriting is really improving.

B is a crazy 2 year old.  She's potty training and doing pretty well as long as we are at home.  Going out is more of a challenge.  She's incredibly smart.  Her fine motor skills are amazing for someone her age.

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