Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Moving Forward

Life has been getting in the way of blogging the last few weeks.  I've been doing a lot of knitting.  I'm on my 3rd large project in the last 5 weeks or so.  I'm making myself another Quaker Yarn Stretcher out of Malabrigo worsted.  It's lovely!  I'm about 2/3rds of the way through with it.  I'm keeping this one for myself.  I'm eager to get it done and blocked now that cold weather has arrived 

The kids require a lot of attention too.  I do school with R every day now that we're doing Kindergarten level work.  Some days it's a struggle to get him to cooperate.  But we've been on a good run the last week or so.  I broke down and bought the kids a paid subscription to Starfall.  If he can do his written work, he can do the stuff on Starfall, which is mostly math and reading and music.  Its been good leverage so far.  He actually does really well with all his school work, but he likes to fight with me about getting started.  I'm trying to be very routine about doing it at the same time every day.  B is learning a lot too by watching her brother. Sometimes I do the preschool level activities with her.  She knows colors fairly well, and letters, and some shapes.  Her vocabulary and conversation skills are superb, as are her fine motor skills.  

B doesn't like for me to get on the computer much, or knit, she's very needy of my attention and physical space right now.  It takes forever to type up emails (or blog entries).  I do most of my knitting in the evening when she's in bed.  It's a magnet to her.  Doesn't matter what I am doing, she is right there in my face, often climbing up me, demanding all my attention.  She's full on with the 2.5 year old attitude.  

J. came home last week and we've all been reacclimating to his presence.  I went to visit him the weekend of the 25th.  My parents came down and staid with the kids and I went alone.  It was an amazing weekend.  We so rarely get to do things as a couple, and we had a whole 3.5 days without any distractions.  Now that he's home we're trying to spend a lot of time just being together and paying attention to each other.  The kids are adjusting to having him home.  R is mega pissed that J has to go to work every day.  Every morning it's been whine, whine, whine, why can't daddy stay home all day?  They'll get used to it though.  Having him home gives life a sense of moving forward again.  Towards what I am not sure yet.  

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