Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Stash Crawling

I periodically rummage through my fiber and yarn stash, and find things I have forgotten about. Today I found this hidden gem :

I spun this not long after I first got my wheel. It was also one of my first fiber dying experiments. I remember loving the colors at the time, and named the colorway "Meadow." It was only about 67 yards, and Aran weight. In my mind though, I dismissed it as unworthy because I tend not to knit with heavy weight yarns. But as I came across it today, tucked in the back of the shelf, I was pleasantly surprised. It is much nicer than I remembered.  A bit heavy, yes, but not over spun or plied.  And I still really love the colorway.  I'm planning to revisit it on a Merino or BFL fiber base. It would be a great addition to the shop for this spring.  

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