Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Additions and Broken Parts

I hadn't intended to go a whole month without blogging. But I've been busy! We have some special new additions to our family:

These cute little fluff balls are baby Black and Copper Maran chicks. They will grow up and lay a beautiful chocolate brown egg. I'd eventually like to have enough surplus eggs to start selling them again. I was able to sell eggs for several years until our flock aged out of laying, and we reduced our chicken population.

Also, my wonderful customers keep ordering! I've been making lots of spindles and putting together kits. One day this month I sat and made 25 drop spindles! I'm also dying fiber and spinning. I have several skeins of yarn ready to have the twist set, and some waiting to be plied. I'm gradually beginning to build inventory for the GA Fiber Festival.  

But, I've had a major set back. The foot that I broke in November is messed up again. I can't bear weight on it at all. I'm back on heavy duty pain meds that make me unable to drive, and I'm pretty much stuck in bed. I am resourceful, and have my wheel by my bed so that I can have my broken foot propped up, and my spinning foot on my treadle. I am currently waiting on my orthopedist to schedule an MRI, after which he/we will decide on what the course of treatment will be. Until then, I'll be doing a lot of resting.