Monday, May 9, 2016

A Post for Mother's Day

I'm a day late, but who cares.

A Moment to Hold On To

"It's really early."
"The birds were chirping at me mama."
"They were chirping at me too sweetie."

We lay nose to nose in the gray, pre-dawn light, the covers drawn up to our chins, and whisper stories to each other. You tell me a story about a pharaoh with a pet clown fish. And his treasure hunter who brought back a beautiful rainbow stone for the pharaoh to give his Queen. But the pharaoh's trusted servant steals the stone because he is greedy. As you tell the story you pretend you are reading to me from a book. You turn each page and describe the pictures to me, and it fills my imagination with clear colorful images, and I wonder what you see.

I will cling to this memory like a life raft, and it will carry me through the storm of my mind. It will keep me anchored to love, and life, and reality when the undertow tries to claim me.


  1. So sweet! I wanted to say thank you for offering fiber and a spindle for the PhatFiber giveaway! The fiber looks luscious!!

  2. the phatfiber giveaway sent me here. i like the color combination you use on the roving fibers.